The Tichenor Cat

Our Photojournalism class pushes us to document various subjects in their true form. We seek the truth and try to capture it to share it with others.

On Auburn University’s campus, the occasional cat can be found roaming the grounds. It’s typical for students to see at least one cat walking by the Student Center each week.

There’s the occasional rustling of the bushes, the random food and water bowls scattered throughout the grounds, and subtle sound of purring emanating from the large vase by Tichenor Hall.

If you’re lucky, like I was, you can spot the Tichenor Cat.




This elusive cat may appear friendly but can become skittish if you approach it too quickly. It is a goal of many journalism students to photograph, if not pet, the Tichenor Cat.

And now, I can triumphantly say I’ve done both before I graduate. Here are some photos of the mysterious Tichenor Cat that roams Tichenor Hall.




Published by

Rachel Sprouse

Hello! I'm a senior in Journalism at Auburn University. Grad Date: Dec 16.

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