My Charleston Adventures

It’s been nearly a month since I moved to Charleston, South Carolina, and I’ve been loving the city. There’s definitely plenty to see and do in the city–from museums to the market on Meeting Street to the nearby beaches–that I still find plenty to do each weekend.

To get to know the city and its people better, I’ve spent every weekend going to different areas and taking pictures (like a tourist).

And like a tourist, I spend most of my time walking the Battery. There was one weekend I went where there was a wedding in the park and I was able to get a photo of the ceremony. There were five other photographers, aside from the wedding photographer, snapping pictures of the bride’s gown and of the flower petals on the gazebo, so I decided to take a few.

But as I walked through the park, I immediately fell in love with the charming old houses that face the park. I think my new obsession is the doors/entryways to the houses. Each entryway has as much character as the house they’re attached to. I found myself taking more photos of the doors than of the houses themselves!

This led me to the most colorful area on Bay Street, Rainbow Row. I’ll make no secret of it. The purple house is my favorite. Although my favorite find is the Printer’s Row sign with the beautiful white flowers next to it.

I walked back to the Battery to move my car, and I kept taking pictures. There were more beautiful houses to be seen, and then once I got up on the walkway, I could see the water.

I took a quick detour to King Street, or as I’ve soon realized, the busiest street in Charleston. I’ve seen more people walk this street than any other area! The buildings are just as beautiful as the ones near the Battery. I tried to take a few without getting lost in the crowd!

I’m still learning about my new city and the wonderful things that are in it, but I wanted to share some pictures of my adventures!



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Rachel Sprouse

Hello! I'm a senior in Journalism at Auburn University. Grad Date: Dec 16.

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